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Directors, Writers and Actors... together

We look forward to opening up our in-person workshops soon.  

Gary and Sheryl are both available for private sessions by phone, Facetime, Skype, and Zoom.

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The Actor's Director Workshop and the instructors have taught at such top film schools such as...

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"So many times we hear in casting how the actors appreciate working with an 'Actor's director'. It's a win-win for actors and directors to collaborate... thank you Gary and Sheryl!"

-- Victoria Burrows, Casting Director

(Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Flight, Cast Away)

There is that rare breed of Director that just “knows” how to get the best out of the actor -- giving them a sense of freedom, inspiring courage, and bringing clarity.   One of the challenges in collaborative storytelling is learning to speak the same language .  

The Actor's Director Workshop opens up deeper understanding of how artists connect with each other to find the moment-to-moment truth together.  Explore creative techniques such as staying present, the magic of silence, the art of listening, the power of vulnerability -- while learning to understand not only the intentions of a script, but...


the language of the heart.

"The Actor's Director Workshop turned my career around in just one weekend.  For those on the fence, go for it!"

-- Rob Smat, Writer/Director

(The Last Whistle)

Taught by two established artists with decades in the business, actor/director Sheryl Lee and actor/writer/director Gary Hershberger discovered that there was an opportunity for growth in the way actors and directors think about each other, how they explore the process, and in turn how they have conversations about the craft.  

Sheryl Lee

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Gary Hershberger

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TTwin Peaks, Six Feet Under, Winter’s Bone, Sneakers, Dirty Sexy Money, Magnificent Desolation, Fire Walk With Me, Grey’s Anatomy, Mother Night, Whispers, Salome, The West Wing, Love Letters, Big Love, One Tree Hill, Texas Killing Fields, Backbeat, among many other credits.

  •  Discover the Emotional Keys for an Actor

  •  Inspire a Performance

  •  Hear your Words come to Life

  •  Dive Deeper into your Characters and Subtext

  • Become Aware of All your Surroundings

  •  Learn how a Director's Vision Enhances the Work

  •  Freeing your Creative Team for their Best Work 

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