Upcoming Workshops

Learn How to Inspire a Performance.​   Rediscover the Joy of Acting.    

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Highlights:

*The Magic of Silence

*When to Improvise​

*The Art of Connecting

*Best Instincts

*Staying Present​


*Creating a Safe Space

​*The Power of Vulnerability​

*Louder, Faster, Quicker, Softer
*Embracing Mistakes​

*It's Not about Tears
*Beyond the Monitor

Please contact us to find out about upcoming classes, or if you'd like us to do a workshop in your area. This is an intimate workshop, and we will all learn together.  A non-refundable deposit confirms your space.  If we are booked, we will add your name to the wait list.  We look forward to seeing you soon!