Private Coaching

Acting Coaching for Actors

    Auditions, Preparation for upcoming roles, Rehearsals

*  Script Coaching for Writers

    Structure insight, dialogue polish, finding the heart of your story, expert Script Doctor work

*  On-Set Coaching for Directors

    Casting, Preparation, Rehearsals, Performance   ​



Please email Sheryl and Gary for private coaching requests.  In person, by phone, or Skype available.



"Sheryl coached me on several of my projects and each time that I left our sessions I felt a deep sense of fulfillment and gratitude.  In each step of the process Sheryl provides a grounded approach, valuable tools, humor, compassion and creative suggestons on trying things out until that one piece becomes magical.  Sheryl is truly a gem!"

         -- Julia Huffman, Director (Medicine of the Wolf, Tedx Talk)

I have worked with Gary for over 30 years. I won’t work on a project, unless he’s involved. You will be learning from the maestro. He understands script, he understands directing and he understands acting. And he has a velvet glove touch when working with you. 

-- Robert Krantz, Director/Writer/Actor (Faith, Hope, and Love; Christmas with the Karountzoses)

For more info specifically about Script Consulting with Gary Hershberger, go to:

Dark Arrows - GH.jpg

Gary Hershberger working with writer/director Eric Gregson on the upcoming feature Dark Arrows.