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* Authenticity is PRESENCE. Bring all of who you are to every moment. 

* Learn how to connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

The Magic of Silence

"What we know matters, but who we are matters more."

                                                                                          -- Brene Brown, author, speaker; from her book Daring Greatly

Fully Engaged



"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

           -- George Bernard Shaw


* Become aware of your “gut feeling” and trust where it’s leading you.  Natural impulses are coming from somewhere… follow them.

* Create a Safe Space for exploration, discovery, and revelation. If people are afraid to risk, there is no spark of innovation.

Instincts and Innovation

A company is stronger if it is bound by love, rather than by fear.

​                                                                                                           -- Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines

* Gain greater confidence in speaking to groups of all sizes. Sharing your heart and telling the truth brings your most authentic self to every opportunity.

 * Practice leading (and following!) through fun and challenging theatrical exercises.  Expand beyond your comfort zone… and shine.

Presence and Presentation

“Emotional intelligence is not a softer-side leadership quality, it's imperative. Being self-aware, disciplined, empathetic, and remaining calm under pressure are all aspects of emotional intelligence that can improve leadership ability.”

 -- Brent Gleeson, speaker, author; from his book From the Battlefield to the Boardroom - A Navy Seal's Guide to Business Leadership Success

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.  

​                                                                                                           -- Peter Drucker, author, speaker

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Leadership and the Language of the Heart

The Art of

Authentic Communication

Staying Present 

​​​​The Art of Authentic Communication offers professional training to companies seeking to develop and elevate their communication, collaboration, engagement and performance skills within their business.​​

The Strengths of Vulnerability

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Emotional Intelligence

Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under, Winter’s Bone, Sneakers, Dirty Sexy Money, Magnificent Desolation, Fire Walk With Me, Grey’s Anatomy, Mother Night, Whispers, Salome, The West Wing, Love Letters, Big Love, One Tree Hill, Texas Killing Fields, Backbeat, among many other credits.

* Study improvisation techniques and learn how to create “something out of nothing”, and how ideas build on one another. Obstacles become opportunities.

* Deepen relationships with peers, managers, customers, and clients by using active listening skills and interpersonal exercises. Thrive and succeed in the collaborative process.

Creative Collaboration

"If you want a culture of creativity and innovation... start by developing the ability of managers to cultivate an openness to vulnerability in their teams."

                              -- Peter Sheahan, author, speaker, CEO of ChangeLabs

Whether it be in law, politics, medicine, sales, marketing, technology, education, labor, advertising – business demands that we communicate effectively and work together for a common good.   

The Art of Authentic Communication

Deliver a compelling and authentic message

Improve clarity, communication, and collaboration for employees who work on multiple teams
Take "teambuilding" to an entirely different level 

Create engaged and motivated go-getters

Learn how to be an active listener

Increase confidence with speaking to any size group

Discover the power of transparency, authenticity, and Telling Your Story

Learn the keys to Lean Feedback 
Approach performance management in ways that motivate and inspire

Bring more creativity, energy and intuition to the workplace whatever industry or field 

Taught by two established artists with decades of experience in film, television, and theatre, actor/director Sheryl Lee and actor/writer/director Gary Hershberger discovered that there was an opportunity to bring these communication and leadership skills into the business community.  As they were teaching and guiding directors and actors to work together for their best performances at top film schools such as USC's School of Cinematic Arts and Pepperdine University, they realized the techniques that artists use to collaborate on film and television productions, were equally as valuable in the corporate world.    

Great communicators inspire people. They create a connection that is real, emotional, and personal. 

                                                         -- Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President of TalentSmart

Company Retreats  

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​  70% of U.S. Workers Are "Not Engaged" at Work

                                                     -- 2017 Gallup poll


​Whether you’re preparing for the next presentation, interacting with your colleagues, or leading a seminar, this workshop will help you to develop creative techniques for collaboration with others, increase your emotional intelligence, and master the art of true listening.